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Last updated on March 19, 2021

Your Privacy Matters

Alcadia Systems’ purpose is to bridge the gap between technology and people. Central to this purpose is our commitment to be transparent about the data that we collect from our users.


This Privacy Policy applies when you use the Services (described below) in our Hayahay! Mobile Application. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and keep your personal data safe in relation to using the App.


Your personal data is data which by itself or with other data available to us can be used to identify you.


We are committed to keeping your personal data safe in accordance with applicable data protection laws.


Alcadia Systems (“we” or “us”) is the company responsible for the operation, development, and management of the Hayahay! Mobile Application (“App”). The App is an online marketplace platform where our registered users (“Members”) use to book service providers (“Partners”) that offer home, office, and delivery services. Content and data of some of the Services within the App is viewable to non-members (“Visitors”).


This Privacy Policy applies to the App and the services that it offers (“Services”), such as, but not limited to, our booking system, community of Partners and Members, and accessing our customer support services.


We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy. We will inform you of any changes made through our Services, or by other means, to provide you the opportunity to read and review our modified Privacy Policy before it becomes effective. If you object to any changes, you may close or discontinue using your account.

1.    Data We Collect


The data we collect will depend on the Services you use within the App. There are data that we require you to provide in order to proceed with specific transactions. There are also optional data that you may choose to provide that will help our Services perform better. With this, we assure you that the data you provide are necessary and specific for the purposes of the transaction. With your consent, we may also use your data in addressing legal concerns and issues when deemed necessary.

1.1    Data You Provide To Us


To create an account, you need to provide us with the following information: mobile number, first name, last name, and password. Upon successful registration, these data will be displayed in your account profile.


You may choose to provide your personal email address to complete your account profile. If you choose not to provide your personal email address, some features may not be available for your use. However, rest assured that the basic features of the application will not be affected by this.


In your account settings, you may choose to save multiple addresses as home address, office address, or others. In order to save a new address, you will need to provide the following information: address, map location, name of address, contact person name, and contact person mobile number. Optionally, you may also provide additional details such as: address details and notes.


Third-Party Addresses

You may choose to save addresses that are not directly related to you but are part of your daily transactions within the App. The data that you will need to provide are the same as in “Addresses”.

Booking Details

Your name, mobile number, and address are the basic data needed for “Booking Details”. Other needed data varies on the type of service you want to book. Our Partners may also ask you to provide additional information to help them perform their service to you more efficiently.


Ratings and Reviews

You may give a 5-star based rating to our Partners based on how well they served you. Additionally, you may also give a review to express your satisfaction, complaints, suggestions, and other related information that may help our Partners improve their services.

1.2    Data From Our Partners
Data from our Partners are also made available in the App such as their business or company name, offered services, office address, office hours, contact information, ratings, reviews, and pricing of their services. These data can be viewed by our Members through exploring the profile of our Partners within the App. Visitors will need to register or login in order to view our Partners’ data.

1.3    Transactions Between You and Our Partners

When you successfully book a service with our Partners, the transaction of such booking is recorded and stored in our database. The transaction data is a combination of your personal data (such as your name, mobile number, email, and address), your booking details, and our Partner data whom you booked the service with.

1.4    Your Device

When you visit, register, login, or use our Hayahay! Services, we will collect data from your mobile device such as device name, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and location. We will ask for your permission first before we use GPS or other tools to identify your precise location.

1.5    Messages

We collect messaging data when you send, receive, or engage messages with our Partners in connection with our Services.

1.6    Service Use

We log usage data when you visit or use the App such as when you view in-app advertisements (“ads”), view our Partner profiles, view our offered services, book services, change your profile settings, share our App to social media, and engage in communication with our Partners.

1.7    Others

The App is progressively developing and we often introduce new features which may require collection of new data. If we collect different personal data or change how we collect, use, or share your data, we will notify you and may also modify this Privacy Policy.

2.    How We Use Your Data
How we use your personal data will depend on which Services you use, how you use those services, and the choices you make in your profile settings. We use the data that we have about you to provide and personalize our Services, including with the help of automated systems and inferences we make, so that our Services (including ads), can be more relevant and useful to you and others.

2.1    Services


We use your data, that you provide to us, to provide and operate our Services through the interactions between our Members and our Partners. Whenever you use the App, especially when you book services offered by our Partners, your personal data will be used as part of the transaction data.

Booking System

We use your data, that you provide to us, to allow you to be able to book services offered by our Partners. We use your data to complete the booking request and forward the request to our Partners that you booked with. Your data will be used by our Partners to identify, communicate, and locate you in order to perform and complete their services to you.

Member and Partner Community

We use your data, that you provide to us, to allow you to access our community of Members and Partners. You will be able to access the profile of our Partners and view their business or company and service details. You will also be able to access our community of Members that give feedback, ratings, and reviews to our Partners giving you valuable information about our Partners’ performance.

Stay Informed

We use your data, that you provide to us, to allow you to stay informed about news, announcements, limited time offers, events, and updates regarding our App and our Partners and their services. We communicate to you and notify you about these information and opportunities through mobile text messaging, email newsletter, or in-app notifications.


If you prefer not to receive these notifications, you may opt to disable these notifications through your account settings.

2.2    Communications

We will contact you through mobile number, email, in-app notifications, and other ways through our Services to inform and notify you about the availability of our Services, security, and other service-related issues. You may change your communication preferences anytime through your profile settings. Please be aware that you cannot opt out in receiving service messages from us, including security and legal notices.

2.3   Marketing

We use our Members’ data and usage data to promote our Services and the services provided by our Partners. We may also promote opportunities offered by our Services or by our Partners. This is to nurture our community of Members and Partners and to improve the engagement of our Services.

2.4    Development and Research

We use your feedback data of our Services and our Partners, customer support issues and concerns, and other Service-related reports in order to conduct research and development projects to continually improve our Services.

2.5    Legals

We use your data, that you provide to us, to comply with applicable laws and administrative requests, protect our rights, assert and defend against claims, and fulfill contracts.

2.6    Customer Service

We use your data, that you provide to us, to address and respond to service, security, and customer support needs. When you send a report from such concerns, your personal data from your profile will be used to identify you as the sender of the report and your contact details will be used to communicate to you the results of the report.

2.7    Security and Maintenance

We use your data, that you provide to us, to manage and maintain our Services through the detection, prevention, or otherwise addressing fraud, security, unlawful, or technical issues.

3.    How We Share Information

3.1    Transaction Data

Your personal data, such as your name, contact details, and location, along with your booking request details and payment details, are shared to our Partners whenever you book a service from them using our App. Your personal data will be used by our Partners to identify, communicate, and locate you when they perform their services to you. Our Partners may also store and record your personal data in their own database or any data storage as part of their services.

3.2    Partner Ratings and Reviews

Your name and ratings and reviews are publicly available through our platforms so that our other Members and Visitors can benefit from your given information by influencing their decision making and confidence on the services provided by our Partners. These data will also be used by our Partners as feedback to improve their services.

3.3    Legal Disclosure

We may disclose your personal information when required by law or by legal processes or if we firmly believe that the disclosure is necessary to:


  1. investigate, prevent, or take action to suspected illegal activities or to assist government enforcement agencies;

  2. enforce our agreements with you;

  3. assert and protect our rights and defend against any third-party claims;

  4. protect the security and integrity of our Services; or

  5. protect the rights and safety of our personnel, Members, and Partners.


We will attempt to notify you when we deemed it necessary before we disclose your personal information for legal demands, unless prohibited by law, court order, or emergency requests. We may also dispute such demands if we find it lacking proper authority, vague, unlawful, or endangering the rights and safety of our personnel, Members, and Partners.

3.4   Limitations

We do not share you personal data without your consent, except those which are already publicly available such as your name and ratings and reviews, to other third parties such as but not limited to:


  • Our competitors;

  • Other stakeholders;

  • Business entities we are not partnered with; and

  • Other Members and Visitors.

4.    Your Rights

4.1    Data Retention

We generally retain your personal data as long as you keep your account open or as needed to provide you our Services. This includes transaction data between you and our Partners, feedback data you give to our Partners, and data when you submit reports about issues and concerns about our Services. In some cases, we choose to retain certain information in a depersonalized or aggregated form.

4.2    Rights to Access and Control Your Personal Data

We provide you with many options to control how we collect, use, and share your data including your right to delete, limit, and correct your data that we have about you.


For personal data we have about you, you can:

  • Delete Data: You can ask us to delete or erase some or all of your personal data.

  • Change or Correct Data: You can modify or correct your personal data through your account profile. You can also ask us to change or correct your personal data in circumstances that you cannot change them yourself through your account profile.

  • Object, Limit, or Restrict Use of Data: You can ask us to stop using some or all of your personal data or to limit our use of your personal data.

  • Right to Access and/or Take Your Data: You can ask us to provide you a copy of your personal data.


4.3    Shared Data

When your personal data are shared to our Partners, by booking a service from them through our App, we no longer have the ability and authority to instruct or demand our Partners how to use, share, delete, limit, or correct your personal data. This responsibility is up to our Partners and their own Privacy Policies. What we can do for you is to request and negotiate our Partners to meet your demands concerning your personal data that are in their keeping. Beyond requesting and negotiating, you may need to consult a lawyer to assist you in your concerns.

5.    Contact Information

If you have questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, you may reach us through our Hayahay! support email address:


You can also contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) using the following email address:


You can also visit our office located in Kalimudan Building, UP Mindanao, Bago Oshiro, Davao City 8022, Philippines.