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Sink or Swim: The Values of Survival

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Madayaw ka-Hayahay!

Welcome to our Hayahay! community. You heard it right, we are a business community that strives to uplift people’s lives through the help of modern technologies.

To sink or to swim. This has been echoed many times in the halls of the academe. Yet today, we find this very statement applicable in our daily lives. Our problems have become more complex and harder to deal with.

Due to the pandemic, our lifestyles were disrupted, and businesses were forced to cut off some of their operations or even close their entire business. Even the most iconic businesses were not invincible to the adverse effects brought by Covid-19. A lot of people are drowning as they struggle to swim their way towards survival.

But it is also at this time where we can see several Filipinos stepping-up to help each other go through this ordeal. The crisis we have today is so intense that even if we attempt to swim alone, we are bound to sink. Today we are called to swim and be strong together.

Hayahay! exists to be a platform of synchronized swimming for the Filipino community: helping service providers grow their business through digitalization and helping people connect to these service providers. Our main goal here is to make you and every Filipino Hayahay!

In providing technological convenience to the Filipinos, we believe that the following values are important in our time today:

1. Reliable

Committing to provide a safe and secure platform for enterprises to create social interactions.

2. Innovative

Valuing ideas and continuously improving the service and stretching the boundaries of e-commerce

3. Easy

To make things easy. Creating a platform that is built upon being simple, intuitive, and convenient.

4. Collaborative

Recognizing that businesses are built by people. As such, we need to give prime focus to creating linkages to the wider community.

These values are the very things that make our platform unique and these values hold more power in our time today.

As a business, we must make it a mission to always be reliable in the quality of our product or service. We must prioritize the customer experience by striving to build ease in use and communication. Business processes should adjust to the needs of its customers and employees. Innovations such as having work-at-home policies and self-service applications are being promoted now. Collaboration is key to retaining and expanding our business in these times.

A lot of businesses have sprouted to help other businesses elevate their visibility and accessibility to a wider audience. This is what we envision for Hayahay!

We thank all the members and stakeholders of Alcadia Systems for making this amazing platform available for everyone.

We are excited to serve you! Join us in our journey. Let’s swim together as we make Every Filipino Hayahay!



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