The Ultimate Guide of Hayahay! Merchant App

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The Hayahay! Merchant App is a game-changing software that allows restaurants and businesses to improve customer experience and gain more sales in the online space.

Everyone witnessed how the world evolves with new technology. The world doesn’t stop, and it continues to develop despite the problem amidst this pandemic. People must also keep up with this development.

With Hayahay! Merchant App, restaurants and the rest of the food business owners will serve their customers, manage their business, and track the delivery using only one application.

With the name itself, Hayahay! Merchant App will undoubtedly make your life easier.

What is Hayahay! Merchant App, and how does it work?

The Hayahay! Merchant App enables merchants to easily transition their businesses to the online space by providing an accessible and ready-to-use platform.

The Hayahay! Merchant App also capacitates merchants to serve their customers online and on-site efficiently.

What is inside of Hayahay! Merchant App?

The Hayahay! Merchant App has four major components that will set it apart from other platforms.

Work Desk

The Hayahay! Merchant App’s Work Desk is where the Merchants can oversee all the orders in their online store and organize them.

It is essential for quickly identifying the status of the orders, whether it’s for pick up, for delivery, accepted, or completed.


The Inventory is where the Merchants can edit their products, whether they add them or change the pricing details. Merchants can also add coupons to reward loyal customers.


The Transaction is where the merchants use to monitor the earnings and transactions from their customers.

Hayahay! Merchant App’s Menu Link

The Menu Link is a feature used by the customers. Here they can see all of the available products that they want to purchase without any hassle.

Customers who click on the shared menu link will be instantly redirected to the online store.

To get the menu link, Merchant can click the menu link button to get the store link and share it to their customers in their social media accounts and other messaging apps.

Features of Hayahay! Merchant App

Manage your online store via our website

Merchants don’t have to hire a web developer to create and maintain the website of their online store because of Hayahay!

It is a pre-built website that Merchants can easily do all the work in their online store.

Seamless order management

The customer can directly order food from the Merchants website with a fast and easy transaction.

Hayahay! Merchant App will make the whole process simpler for both Merchants and customers.

Benefits of Hayahay! Merchant App

Design responsiveness

The app is accessible anywhere on any device. So even with the phone, the Merchants can still accommodate their customers.


The Hayahay! Merchant App is cost-efficient. The Merchants will onboard and only pay the percentage/commission basis of 15% if they earn.

Saves you time and resources

The app is time-efficient for both Merchants and customers.

They’ll get every transaction done without the hassle of using multiple applications and having lengthy and many conversations.

Use Hayahay! Merchant App now! And start growing your online food business!

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop people from doing their job. So, even if all the transactions are done online, life still goes on, business still goes on.

Store owners still have to fulfill their customers’ needs, and serving their customers online with ease will only be possible if they use the right technology.

Our Hayahay! Merchant App can help our partners save themselves all the hassle and enjoy all the benefits while still earning without spending a lot of money to build their food ordering website.

Hayahay! Merchant App is a pre-built food ordering website designed to give convenience to all our partners. With this application, we aim to make your life, Hayahay!

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